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From 21-25 May 2012, participants from selected countries of the Americas, WHO, EURO, PATH-Optimize met to discuss the main indicators and visualization to be included in the Immunization Module of the Regional Health Observatory, as well as redesign PAHO’s immunization data dissemination products. Guidance on what PAHO should recommend to countries for improving immunization data quality, analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and use of the information for decision-making was also sought.

Participants discussed how current data collected in the PAHO-WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form is collected in centralized and decentralized countries and how the process could be optimized by taking advantage of new information and communication technologies. Immunization indicators were revised and new visualizations and informational products, including a Regional immunization dashboard were proposed. Finally, a roadmap for developing and implementing the recommendations of the workshop was proposed. This workshop is one of the many activities aimed at streamlining the integration of immunization programmes and surveillance systems, improving data quality and promoting evidence-based decisions in the Region of the Americas.


Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, May 2012.


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