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The Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program (LIHP) 2012 held a meeting from 28 May – 1 June, 2012 in Managua, Nicaragua. This meeting represents the second module of the nine-month LIHP which is primarily conducted virtually. In attendance were 37 participants from 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as the LIHP mentors and coordinators for the learning modules, the LIHP coordination, PAHO/WHO staff from the PAHO/WHO Country Office in Nicaragua and participants from previous cohorts of the LIHP in Nicaragua.

The week’s activities included discussions on the international health conceptual model and its relevance for the countries.  Participants also strengthened their competencies in negotiation and began to reflect upon their own ‘collaborative leadership’ and action commitments to convert their projects into results.

An important part of the LIHP is the development of a country project in conjunction with the PAHO/WHO Country Office and other relevant national, regional and/or international institutions.  Prior to the meeting, participants met with key personnel in their respective PAHO/WHO Country Offices and with other actors to discuss preliminary ideas for their country projects. During the face-to-face meeting in Nicaragua, the participants continued working on their projects with the assistance of their assigned mentors and other experts. They applied the conceptual model of international health to their specific country projects and presented their ideas to the larger group for feedback and collaboration. Participants will share the updated projects with their Country Offices, home institutions and other actors upon their return for further input which will contribute to their development throughout the remainder of the Program.



Participants. (From left to right)

First Row: Karmesh Sharma, Colin Roach, Julian Santaella.

On the chairs: Sitting: María Victoria Torres, Ada Zulema Hernández de Vega, Michele Santana, Luz Stella Ríos Marin, Ana Guadalupe Argueta, Teresa Tinoco, Alicia Alcantara, Marilyn Aparicio, Annella Auer, Mariana Faria, Claudia Carrasco, Virna Almeida, Andrea Carbone.

Standing: Luís Robles, Karen Roberts, Michele Sumner-Williams, Yamileth Ortiz, Gustavo Giler, Jorge Toro, Juan Carlos Coronel, Elba Morán, Milagro Montilla, Randy Storm, Jorge Díaz, Marcelo Rojas, Julio Mendigure, Ava-Gay Timberlake, Juan Carlos Ulloa, Ana María Sánchez, Stephanie Laryea, Alejandra Karina Garrón, Celia Poon-King, Verónica Ortiz, Marcia Erazo, Ana Virginia Iphais, Gabriela Mejicano, Eudoro Godoy, Daniel Urbano, Patricia Lima, Eduardo Guerrero, Liliana Solis, Piedad Sánchez, José Manuel García, Silvia Morales.

Not in the picture: Norberto Ramos, Mónica Chavira, Janine Coutinho, Teresa Beatríz González, Jorge Albá .



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