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This publication contains the papers presented at the workshop on Human Resource Planning and Primary Health Care:  Challenges for Social and Intersectoral Coordination, held in San Salvador, May 4-6, 2010, organized by the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in collaboration with the Ministers of Health of El Salvador and Brazil.

The material collected includes an analysis of the progress in the development of Human Resources Plans in selected countries that have experienced difficulties in meeting the Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health. Likewise, it raises discussions and agreements on how to improve coordination among ministries of Health and their counterparts—Finance, Labor and Education—to make viable plans for human resources for health and to consider some projects funded by international cooperation that were designed to improve the HRH situation in three countries of the Region.

Document available here.

Human Resources Plans and Primary Health Care: Challenges for Intersectoral and Social Coordination. Washington, D.C.: PAHO, 2011. 210 p.


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