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Nota de Prensa: Curso Internacional de Intervención Integral de DengueFecha: 11 de julio del 2012 Ciudad: Bucaramanga, Colombia

Se estima que 3 mil millones de personas están en riesgo de contraer el dengue en más de 100 países tropicales y sub-tropicales donde se encuentra el mosquito transmisor Aedes aegypti...

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Technical Note on transgenic Mosquitoes Engineered for Aedes aegypti Control

The PAHO/WHO and its Member States have been making a concerted effort since 2003 to implement the Integrated Management Strategy for Dengue Prevention and Control (IMS-Dengue) by producing a technical report, one of whose chapters deals with integrated vector management. The purpose of this component of the strategy is to create controlled Ae. aegypti breeding sites and reduce vector population density.


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