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On 6 June 2012, the results of a vaccination coverage survey were presented to the Minister of Health and other health officials in El Salvador. The survey was requested by El Salvador’s EPI, designed with support from the Pan American Health Organization and implemented in partnership with a local university with ex-perience in conducting (non-health related) surveys. A survey to assess vaccination coverage for vaccines recommended for children aged under two had been recommended during the country’s 2009 EPI evaluation, as problems detected for numerators and denominators were affecting administrative coverage calculation. The survey included 2,550 children aged 24-59 months at the time of the interview (Nov-Dec 2011) living in the five Health Regions of the country. The main objectives were to determine vaccination coverage for BCG; first, second and third dose of DTP-Hib-HepB and OPV; the first and second dose of Rotavirus; the first dose of MMR; and the first booster of DTP and OPV; to estimate vaccination timeliness, in relation to the recommended age; to compare survey coverage with administrative coverage; and to identify reasons for not having received some vaccines.

A vaccination card was available for 93% of the 2,550 children. For the rest, vaccination data was obtained from the individual vaccination registry in the health facility. Only two children, both verbally reported as vac-cinated, had no written documentation available.

Overall coverage was >95% for all vaccines, with the exception of rotavirus. However, timely vaccination is an issue. The reasons for not receiving a vaccine varied widely. The results of this survey will be published shortly.


Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, June 2012.


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