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Read PAHO's commentary on Fostering Health and Human Security in the Americas, published online in the Fall 2012 issue of Global Health Governance  



DOCUMENTS & PUBLICATIONS (Available in Spanish and English)


Reports & Resolutions


PAHO's Health and Human Security: Implications for Public Health (ENG, ESP), Executive Summary (ENG, ESP)

Health and Human Security Brochure (ENG, ESP)


Read the Regional Health and Human Security Meeting Report  

Caribbean Forum: Shaping a Sustainable Development Agenda to Address the Caribbean Reality in the 21st Century (Report) (ENG)

United Nations Resolution on Human Security - 6 September 2012 (ENG, ESP)

United Nations, Follow-up to General Assembly resolution 64/291 on human security - April 2012 Report of the Secretary General (ENG, ESP)

UN Secretary General Report on Human Security 2010 (A/64/701) (ENG, ESP)

Pan American Health Organization: Resoultuion of the 50th Directing Council: Health, Human Security, and Well Being. (CD50.R16) 2010 (ENG, ESP)

Pan American Health Organization: Background Document: Health, Human Security, and Well Being.  (CD50/17) (ENG, ESP)

Pan American Health Organization: Annual Report of the Director 2010: Promoting Health, Well-Being, and Human Security. (ENG, ESP)

Background Paper for the General Assembly Thematic Debate on Human Security 2008 (ENG)

United Nations: In larger freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for all; Report of the Secretary-General. (ENG, ESP)

2005 World Summit Outcome Document (ENGESP)

United Nations Commission on Human Security: Human Security NOW. 2003 (ENG)

Organization of American States: Declaration on Security in the Americas. 2003 (ENG, ESP)

Pan American Health Organization: Health and Hemispheric Security. 2002 (ENG)

UNDP: New Dimensions of Human Security; Human Development Report. 1994 (ENG, ESP



Institute of Development Studies: Using Human security Principles to Develop a Post-2015 Framework. 2012 (ENG)

Takemi, K.: The Human Security Approach for Global Health. 2008 (ENG)

Chen, L.: Health as a Human Security Priority for the 21st Century. 2004 (ENG)



Hastings, D.: A Prototype Human Security Index. 2011 (ENG)

University of Kansas: Community Toolbox-Bringing Solutions to Light. 2012. (ENG)

United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security: Human Security in Theory and Practice. 2009 (ENG, ESP)

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