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Washington, D.C. 28 August 2012 (PAHO/WHO) - On August 28 – 29, the PANDRH Secretariat from Headquarters held the Ad-Hoc Working Group of the Steering Committee of the Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH) as a follow-up to the agreements of the Steering Committee of PANDRH Meeting held in November, 2011. During this meeting, it was agreed to create an Ad-Hoc Committee that would prepare the draft strategic development plan, which thereafter would be summited for consideration by the Seventh Conference for approval implementation.

The strategic plan for the PANDRH will guide the future development of the network, and ensure flexibility, scientific rigor and representation of all stakeholders in the network.

The strategic development plan should address future challenges for the period 2013 -2020 and will be primarily aim to strengthen regulatory capacity for medicines and biological products in Member States in accordance with the mandate of the 50th Directing Council of PAHO, Resolution CD50.R9, and with the participation of all national regulatory authorities in the region of the America.

Meeting objectives:

  • Review of PANDRH activities, presentation of the terms of references of the Ad-Hoc Working Group of the PANDRH Steering Committee;  identification of the work areas to be developed within the PANDRH Strategic Plan, definition of priorities for the 2012-2020 period.
  • Also, the Ad-Hoc Committee will discuss the topics of capacity building and training such as mechanism for training, priorities, processes, and sustainability.

The Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH) is an initiative of the national regulatory authorities within the Region, and PAHO, that supports the processes of pharmaceutical regulatory harmonization in the Americas, within the framework of national and sub-regional health policies and recognizing pre-existing asymmetries.

The Components of PANDRH are: The Pan American Conference on Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDHR), the Steering Committee (SC), the Technical Working Groups (WGs) in the areas considered as priority by the Conference, and the Secretariat.

Dr. James Fitzgerald. Coordinator, Medicines and Technologies (MT). Area of Health Systems based on Primary Health Care (HSS) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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CD50.R9 - CD50/20,Rev1 Strengthening National Regulatory Authorities for Medicines and Biologicals

CD42/13 Rev. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Harmonization in The Americas



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