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Promotion of Physical Activity in the Hospital Escuela of Honduras
Pan American Health Organization of Honduras
Auditorium Hospital Escuela
Friday, September 7, 8am

The Program of Physical Activity for Health-of the Hospital Escuela, alongside the Pan American Health Organization, is leading the Wellness Week -17-23 September celebrations this year- which were officially inaugurated this past Friday, the 7th of September with patients, employees and authorities of the Hospital Escuela and the Pan American Health Organization.

There were many people at the event such as Julieta Castellanos, Vice-Chancellor of the Autonomous University of Honduras, Dr. Elsa Palou and Dr. Roxana Araujo, Directors of the Inspection Committee, respectively; Dr. Marco Tulio Medina, Dean of the Faculty of Medicinal Sciences and Dr. Gina Watson, the representative of PAHO/WHO in Honduras.  Among all of the special guests was Mr. Jose Hermida, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Honduras and Dr. Hugo Rodriguez, Representative of UNFPA.

The patients were previously evaluated (blood pressure, body mass index, glucose, etc.) and later received a motivational talk about the prevention of chronic illnesses.  This activity was the opener for a series that different national institutes will conduct to raise public awareness about the prevention of non-communicable diseases and healthy lifestyles.

In Honduras, a number of institutions have joined the celebration and will do activities throughout the month of September, such as the Department of Health, the Department of Education, the Mayor's Office of Trinidad, Copán; the Mayor's Office of Marcala, La Paz, ODECO; the Unviersity of Agriculture, UNITEC, the United Nations, the Adventist Hospital de valle de Angeles, among others.

Learn more about the national organizations' activity calendars in September and join the celebration at Wellness Week Honduras 2012



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