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(August) Intensive Health Activities Focused on Children in Haiti

In June, Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population successfully concluded its intensive health activities focused on children. A total of 3,045,529 Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) doses were administered to children aged nine years or less and 2,938,863 Measles/Rubella (MR) vaccine doses were administered to children aged between nine months and nine years. Likewise, a total of 1,210,438 vitamin A capsules were administered to children aged between six months and six years as well as 1,352,789 albendazol tablets to children aged two to nine years.

In the search for homogenous coverage, more than 1,500 Rapid Coverage Monitoring activities were conducted, with a total of 68,715 persons responsible for children aged under nine years interviewed. Also, institutional and communi-ty active case searches of suspected poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, and congenital rubella syndrome were conducted during this same period. A coverage survey, supported by the US CDC was being implemented in August 2012.

The intensive vaccination activities, which started in April 2012, made an important contribution to Haiti’s immuniza-tion programme, constituting the first steps to strengthen the routine vaccination activities. These results were possi-ble thanks to the commitment and dedication of Haiti’s health care workers, the leadership and dedication of the MoH and the technical teams implementing these activities. The next steps are the introduction of new vaccines, starting with the pentavalent (DTP-Hib-HepB) in September 2012, increasing coverage for all vaccines and strengthening epi-demiological surveillance. In the mid-term, the country expects to have a solid and quality vaccination programme that can serve as a gateway to access other primary health care services.

Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, August 2012.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:40

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