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WHO-FIC Network Annual Meeting 2012
"Improving Quality and Implementation of WHO FIC"

13-19 October, Brasilia, 2012

The 2012 Annual Meeting of the WHO-Family of International Classifications Network (WHO-FIC Network) will be held in Brasilia, Brazil, from 13 to 19 October 2012.

The meeting will be co-hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the Brazilian WHO Collaborating Centre for the FIC and the Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO.

WHO has designated a number of Collaborating Centres to work with it in the development, dissemination, maintenance and use of the WHO FIC to support national and international health information systems, statistics and evidence.

The theme for WHO-FIC 2012 is ‘Improving Quality and Implementation’. This topic highlights the importance of health information quality for effective health services, decision makers, and the ongoing international drive to improve the registration of vital events, morbidity and disability information. The meeting also addresses the relevance of discussing and sharing the best practices of FIC implementation in national health information systems.

The venue of the meeting is the "Convention Centre Ulysses Guimares” in Brasilia. Detailed information about the meeting venue and accommodation are provided on the meeting website.  

Meeting Documents

   Agenda and Timetable

:: A001 - Provisional Agenda [pdf]

:: A002 - Timetable [pdf]

:: A003 - List of documents [pdf]


:: Committe Reference Groups (C100-C105) [zip,1.26Mb]

:: Collaborating Centers (C200-C213) [zip, 9.67Mb]

:: ICD Revision (C300-307) [zip, 3.60Mb]

:: Individual-ICD/Traditional Medicine (C400-C420) [zip, 7.83Mb]

:: Individual-ICF (C500-C543) [zip, 12.99Mb]

:: Individual-Other WHO FIC (C600-C611) [zip, 6.95Mb] 

:: Poster Booklet [zip, 29.46Mb]


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