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Noncommunicable Diseases & Disabilities

Strategy and Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases








The Noncommunicable Diseases & Disabilities Unit coordinates and implements technical cooperation activities to strengthen capacities of Member States to adequately respond to the burden of NCDs and disabilities, and participates in the related global agenda on NCDs for the Americas.  The focus of technical cooperation is on: creating multi-stakeholder partnerships; promoting effective public health policies, strategies, programs, and evidence-based guidelines; monitoring and reporting on the burden of NCDs, as well as disabilities; facilitating an integrated approach, based on Primary Health Care, for the prevention and control of the main NCDs; supporting countries’ efforts to promote health and reduce the burden of NCDs and disability and extend healthy life expectancy.

  1. Design and implement a model for NCD chronic illness care, including provision of evidence based clinical practice guidelines, manuals and training courses.
  2. Support the implementation of Priorities for Cardiovascular Health across the Region, including cost-effective interventions to prevent and control CVD and hypertension and the engagement of various stakeholders.
  3. Implement the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control, evaluate national cancer control plans, and improve outcomes for childhood cancers.
  4. Implement cost-effective, evidence-based interventions and guidelines for diabetes prevention and control, including systematic self-management support and community involvement.
  5. Support countries to improve access to key services for people with disabilities and to adopt a national disability strategy.
  6. Develop and strengthen national capacity to organize a comprehensive Chronic Kidney Disease response with special attention to the epidemic of CKD that is affecting Central America.
  7. Strengthen national capacities to improve NCD surveillance and monitoring and related information management.

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