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WHO - World Health Organization

:: Leptospirosis website 

:: Zoonoses and Veterinary Public Health - Leptospirosis

PAHO - Panamerican Health Organization

:: Member States websites

:: Rodents in Disasters

:: Health in the Americas Spanish | English

ILS - International Leptospirosis Society

:: In English

OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health

:: Terrestrial Manual - Leptospirosis 

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

:: Zoonosis en los sistemas de producción animal de las áreas urbanas y periurbanas de América Latina (Spanish only)


:: In Spanish | In English

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

:: Leptospirosis website

:: Emergency and Preparedness and Response – Leptospirosis

Institut Pasteur, Paris

:: Leptospirosis website (French only)

:: Centre National de Référence de la Leptospirose (French only)

Brazil - Ministry of Health

:: Leptospirosis (Portuguese only)

:: Health Surveillance (Portuguese only)

:: Guia de Leptospirose: Diagnóstico e Manejo Clínico (Treatment Algorithm) (Appendix I and II) (Portuguese only)

Brazil - Secretary of Health - State of São Paulo

:: Leptospirosis (Portuguese only)

El Salvador - Ministry of Health

:: Lineamientos para la atención y control de leptospirosis (Spanish only)

Dominican Republic - Secretaria de Salúd Pública y Asistencia Social

:: Leptospirosis (Spanish only)

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