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Dear PAHO, HAPPY 110 years!

You were created by necessity and by the impulse of a powerful vision of unity and cooperation among countries. You are still young because you remain creative, necessary, relevant and with dreams and utopias that, with your input, can become reality.

In the early twentieth century, the plague, malaria and yellow fever caused tens of thousands of deaths, threatening the future of ambitious projects such as the construction of the Panama Canal and the possibility of the commercial development of the new republics with Europe.

Nevertheless, Pan American optimism and solidarity prevailed against this uncertainty and adversity to unite people, regardless of physical barriers and borders. On December 2, 1902, at the First International Sanitary Convention of the Americas, held in Washington, DC, USA, 11 nations met to form an International Sanitary Bureau of the Americas predecessor of the Pan American Health Organization.

Let us joyfully celebrate and continue working together through international cooperation to support the noble cause of health for all the inhabitants of this Region, a goal that is also our contribution to the achievement of a just, united, democratic, inclusive, and equitable Hemisphere that stands together in solidarity!


Dr. Mirta Roses Periago
Directora of the Pan American Health Organization




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