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Recipients of the PAHO Award for Administration


DR. ARON NOWINSKI (URUGUAY). For his contributions to the promotion of public health and health services administration; his extensive public health teaching career; his work to systematize and disseminate medical information; his activity that catalyzed the development of the major guidelines for the creation of the National Integrated Health System; his leadership in the development of the strategy for the Latin American Network for Health Sciences Information and the Program for Selective Dissemination of Information, both aimed at supporting priority health programs in the countries of the Region; and for his contribution to the production of the Latin American Index Medicus.

DR. JOHN EDWARD GREEN (GUYANA). For his contribution to the development of the health sector and human resources in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and for his mobilization of political commitment to achieve meaningful outcomes on a broad range of priority public health issues, including the establishment of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP), the Caribbean strategy on climate change, the Caribbean Cooperation in Health Initiative (CCH2 and CCH3), the Caribbean Commission on Health and Development (CCHD), the First Summit of CARICOM Heads of Government on Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases, and the establishment of a new Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

For the national and subregional impact of her administrative, medical, teaching, and research activities on the quality of care to patients with communicable diseases, especially people living with HIV/AIDS.

DR. MERCELINE DAHL-REGIS (BAHAMAS). For her contribution to health care management and research and to medical education in primary health care, as well as for her leadership in institutionalizing public health surveillance across all of the Bahamas and in evaluating and redefining
the parameters for the Caribbean Cooperation in Health.

DR. HUGO VILLAR TEIJEIRO (URUGUAY). For his contribution to the improvement of health conditions in several countries of the Americas, the decentralization and development of hospital administration as part of health administration and the development at the regional level of
human resources on health services administration.

DR. ARMANDO MARIANO REALE (ARGENTINA). For his contribution to the modernization of the health and social security systems by fostering integration between the public and private sectors, the creation of networks of providers at the different levels of health care, and the adoption of new models of financing for the public and social security sectors.

DR. ADOLFO HORACIO CHORNY (BRAZIL). For his contributions to the development and innovation in the areas of planning, management and financing of health systems and services at the national and international levels, including his contribution to the development of leadership in
public health and health policies through several generation of managers and decision makers.

DR. FRANCISCO ROJAS OCHOA (CUBA). For his outstanding contribution, during his professional career, to the development of the Administration of Health Programs and Services in his country, Cuba, and in several countries of the Region of the Americas and, particularly, for his outstanding contribution to the training of various generations of public health leaders and professionals.

DR. GASTÃO DE SOUZA CAMPOS (BRAZIL). For his outstanding contribution to the transformation of the health care model through the development of a management method that increased the democratization of the services by strengthening the links between services and the users of the Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil.

MR. ROY J. ROMANOW (CANADÁ). For his outstanding contribution to the development of the Canadian Health System, particularly in the creation of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, and in leading the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

DR. HUGO MENDOZA (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC). For his valuable contribution to the improvement of the maternal and child health situation in his country, through the introduction of the public health approach in pediatric care and teaching, and his pioneering efforts in public health research.

DR. CARLOS GEHLERT MATA (GUATEMALA). For his pioneering contribution to the extension of primary health care in the rural areas of Guatemala during difficult times and circumstances, through the strategy of preparation of mid-level technicians selected from the same local communities.

DR. ROBERTO FUENTES GARCÍA (CHILE). For his long and fruitful efforts in the field of public health administration, focusing particularly on effective management, the quality of care and user satisfaction, and for his important contribution to the national and international literature on
these areas.

DR. ANA FLISSER STEINBRUCH (MÉXICO). For her work to transform the network of public health laboratories in her country to support priority health programs, including administration, teaching, and research.

DR. CHRISTINE OLIVE MOODY (JAMAICA). For her contribution to the planning, administration, and leadership of the health services, and her continuous efforts towards the development of primary health care at the regional and global levels.

DR. EDUARDO BERNABÉ ORDAZ DUCUNGÉ (CUBA). For his pioneering efforts in the establishment of rehabilitation programs and the humanization of hospital care for persons suffering from chronic mental illness.

MS. MICHAELA M. STORR (BAHAMAS). For her work at the grassroots level in developing an integrated local health system and for the introduction of innovative systems for the management of hospitals.

DR. HIPÓLITO VERGARA MUÑOZ (CHILE). Medical Comptroller, Committee on Preventive Medicine and Disability. For his pioneering work in the field of community medicine and primary health care, particularly in rural areas.

DR. ZILDA ARNS NEUMANN (BRAZIL). Director of the Division of Maternal and Child Health, Ministry of Health. For her outstanding work in the administration of programs in a variety of public health fi elds, particularly maternal and child health, in both non-governmental and governmental organizations and at state and national levels.

DR. GEORGINA VELÁSQUEZ DÍAZ (MEXICO). General Coordinator of the Solidarity Program, Mexican Institute of Social Security. For her contribution to the organization and consolidation of the administrative infrastructure and health services of the Solidarity Program.

DR. DESMOND O. N. MCINTYRE (DOMINICA). Former Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health and Social Security. For outstanding work in the area of health administration.

PROF. OSCAR MATEO DE ACOSTA FERNÁNDEZ (CUBA). Director, National Institute of Endocrinology, and Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Havana. For his outstanding contributions in health research, teaching, and administration, particularly in the field of endocrinology.

DR. PEDRO ALEJANDRO DE ARMAS H. (VENEZUELA). Director of the School of Medicine, Francisco de Miranda University, Coro, State of Falcón. For his outstanding work in the area of health administration.

DR. DAVID BERSCH ESCOBAR (COLOMBIA). Scientific Director, Foundation for the Development of Health Education. For his outstanding work in research, teaching and management in the area of health administration.

DR. GUIDO MIRANDA GUTIÉRREZ (COSTA RICA). Executive President, Costa Rican Social Security Fund. For his outstanding contribution to administration and teaching in the areas of health and social security.

DR. JOHN E. F. HASTINGS (CANADA). Professor of Health Administration, University of Toronto. For outstanding services and publications in the public health field, especially in administration and research.

DR. ELIZABETH QUAMINA (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO). Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health and Environment. For her outstanding work in health planning, administration, and human resources development.

DR. MANUEL BARQUÍN (MEXICO). Professor, School of Medicine, National Autonomous University. For his exceptional contribution to the improvement of the health in Mexico and other countries of Latin America, as well as for his academic achievements in the areas of teaching and research.

DR. ARNALDO TEJEIRO FERNÁNDEZ (CUBA). Adviser, National Bureau of Statistics. For his contributions and the positive social repercussions of his work as a member of the National Health System.

DR. JULIO CÉSAR MÉRIDA DE LEÓN (GUATEMALA). Chief, Tuberculosis Division, Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare. For his work in developing and executing programs for the prevention and control of communicable diseases, and for his influence in strengthening and modernizing comprehensive health services administration.

DR. FREDERICK BURNS ROTH (CANADA). Professor of Health Administration, University of Toronto, and President and Chairman of the Board, Home Care Program for Metropolitan Toronto. For his work in improving the practice and teaching of health care administration, both nationally and internationally.

DR. JAIR DE OLIVEIRA SOARES (BRAZIL). Minister of Social Security, Federal Government. For his contribution to the organization and management of health sector services in his country, at both the regional and national levels.

DR. OSWALDO EGAS CEVALLOS (ECUADOR). General Director for Health Planning, Ministry of Public Health. For his work in the administration of health services.

DR. ROBERTO PEREDA CHÁVEZ (CUBA) (POSTHUMOUS). Director, Department of International Relations, Ministry of Public Health. For the exceedingly salutary effects of his work on the administration and consolidation of the National Health System.

DR. ERNANI GUILHERME FERNANDES DA MOTTA (BRAZIL). Superintendent of the Health Campaigns Superintendency, Ministry of Health. For his work in administrative management, especially in relation to the meningitis vaccination campaign.

MR. DENNIS SÁNCHEZ ACUÑA (COSTA RICA). Planning expert in the Sectoral Unit, Ministry of Health. For his outstanding contribution in the methods used to improve the development of administrative resources.

MR. GUILLERMO ISTÚRIZ (VENEZUELA). Founder of the hospital administration program and of the courses in this discipline at the School of Public Health. For work in the field of hospital management which is regarded as the basis for the doctrine and practice in this field and as having shaped the modern approach to hospital management in Venezuela.

DR. EDUARDO ZAPATA SALAZAR (PERU). Director of Personnel, Ministry of Health. For his work on the preparation and implementation of a model of a personnel administration system for the health sector in his country. 

(1) On the recommendation of the Award Committee, the Award was declared void in 1971, 1974, 1979 and 1986 because the nominations did not meet the approved criteria or because only one nomination was submitted.

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