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Initial capacity building activities for the implementation of SAICM objectives are supported by the Quick Start Programme (QSP). The QSP includes a voluntary, time-limited trust fund, administered by the United Nations Environment Programme, and multilateral, bilateral and other forms of cooperation.

The objective of the QSP is to “support initial enabling capacity building and implementation activities in developing countries, least developed countries, small island developing States and countries with economies in transition.”

Over the first twelve rounds of applications to the trust fund held between May 2006 and May 2012, the secretariat received 385 project proposals. Following the secretariat screening of applications for completeness and eligibility, 298 applications were appraised by the Trust Fund Implementation Committee as of May 2012.

The Committee has approved 154 projects for total funding of approximately $32,281,403. Following the suspension of four projects the QSP portfolio includes 146 projects with the total funding of $31,237,454. The approved projects are being implemented by 102 Governments and 16 civil society organizations and involve activities in 105 countries, including 54 least developed countries and small island developing States. It should be noted that 341 projects from the first to sixth rounds have completed the project activities.

List of QSP trust fund approved projects by region are available at: Table of projects funded by the Quick Start Programme (QSP) trust fund of the Strategic Approach to international Chemicals Management (SAICM)

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