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Fortune Teller

Test your knowledge about hospitals and disasters!  

Download the Fortune Teller from the links below. It’s best to print the two pages back-to-back.  Trim the Fortune Teller to its 8x8 inch size.  Fold using the easy-to-understand directions (it will bring back childhood memories!)

1 - With the white side facing up, fold the points of all four corners into the middle. 2 - Flip the sheet over and fold the points of all four corners into the middle again. 3 - Now fold the sheet in half toward the inside. 4 - Place thumb and index finger into pockets under the four messages: World Health Day 2009, When Disaster Strikes, Safe Hospitals, Save Lives. 5 - Pull open to create the fortune teller (you will see messages on multicolored portion of page inside fortune teller.) 6 - Test friends and colleagues on their knowledge of safe hospitals by reading questions and opening flaps!

Download Game in Low Resolution PDF

Download Game in High Resolution PDF


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