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Ideas for celebrating World Health Day 2009

With the media
  • Prior to World Health Day, set up interviews with newspapers; write articles on the subject.
  • On World Health Day, issue press releases; conduct radio and television interviews; hold a press conference.
  • Distribute the World Health Day information kit in connection with any media event.

World Health Day main event

If possible, hold the main event in a major hospital in the capital city.

  • Have the Minister of Health and/or PAHO/WHO Representative present the theme of World Health Day.
  • Hold a short technical forum with representatives from different institutions (hospitals, civil defense, universities, etc.)

Invite health workers, politicians, lawmakers, journalists, financial institutions, professional associations, cooperation agencies and NGOs, etc.

Suggested activities with universities (schools of medicine, architecture, engineering, etc.) and professional associations on or around World Health Day

  • Host a technical forum-with a multisectoral and multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Offer a course or workshop on the subject.
  • Create a "safe hospitals" section in a library or libraries.
  • Post updated information on web pages.

Actions in hospitals and health centers or around World Health Day
  • Host a showing of the video 'Safe Hospitals' or have it playing in hospital waiting rooms.
  • Hold technical discussions or short workshops to present the Hospital Safety Index and the new DVD 'Virtual Hospital.'
  • Disseminate/donate technical literature and materials to create specialized libraries on the subject.
  • Hold a commemorative act on World Health Day.

Other technical or scientific activities

  • Include a reference and a link to World Health Day on the main page of the website of each PAHO/WHO Office and in the Ministries of Health.  Make a link to PAHO/WHO's webpage containing graphics and materials -- and click on World Health Day 2009.
  • Publish brief articles in the newsletters or magazines of PAHO/WHO offices and Ministries of Health.
  • Use national Internet-based libraries to link to the web page
  • Send an article or interview on how you celebrated World Health Day for publication by PAHO.

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