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Every week Nadia travels to Pinar, about thirty miles outside of Montevideo, Uruguay, to take care of his nephew Caetano while his mother works teaching classes at a school in the area. In the picture, the baby naps and Nadia beholder. In the scene you can see a lot of peace and intimacy, the deep rest of a child, and the gratification of his aunt protecting him.

Napping is a very important practice for children to be healthy, with the rapid physical and mental development that children experience during early childhood. Naps provide the body and mind the rest time they need to grow and recuperate.

PAHO aims to improve children's health by promoting the design of effective integrated approaches. The Strategy Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), through its community component, incorporates simple key messages for the family and the community to include positive behaviors in their every day lives and as part of their culture to improve the health of mothers and newborns.

This photo was part of the Photo Contest Safe Motherhood.

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