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Nila is an assistant nurse in Nebaj and begins her work day with a visit to children who have not yet been vaccinated. Even though these children live in remote locations, thank to her work they will be protected with all their vaccines. Nila keeps detailed records of newborn children and checks the health status of new mothers who have just given birth at home. During her door-to-door visits, Nila also keeps records of all the health services she provides.

Thanks to the high commitment of Nila and the health personnel, it was possible to implement the Project Optimize in the Ixil region of Guatemala.  Some objectives of the project are to establish an information platform that benefits the health system, improve data quality, and achieve more efficient management of the supply of vaccines and supplies, among others.

Guatemala has achieved vaccination coverage from 92% to 94% with the different vaccines available through the service network of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance.

Optimize is a five-year project (2008-1012), which helped to establish the basis of the information systems of the Expanded Program on Immunization in five countries: Tunisia, Senegal, Albania, Vietnam and Guatemala.

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