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The commemoration of World TB Day seeks to raise awareness on the tuberculosis burden in the world, as well as the efforts made for its prevention and control. Throughout the years, this commemoration has offered the opportunity to mobilize the political, economic and social commitment for the prevention and control of TB in the countries.

For the 2014 campaign, PAHO will follow the worldwide focus on TB diagnosis and case detection of those still not reached, with emphasis in the Americas on vulnerable populations, social determinants and large cities.

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Press Release:

In the Americas, one in five people with tuberculosis is unaware of the disease



* Trabajo comunitario y aumento de la vigilancia de tuberculosis - Peru
* Introducción de nuevas tecnologías de diagnóstico y estrategia de detección de casos de tuberculosis en prisiones - El Salvador
* Detección y manejo integrado de casos de co-infección tuberculosis/VIH - Haiti


World TB Day 2014

* Spanish
* English
* Portuguese
* French
* Creole 


Fact Sheets

Hojas informativas acerca de la tuberculosis
* Tuberculosis in the Americas
* TB/HIV Co-Epidemics in the Americas
* Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in the Americas
* Tuberculosis Diagnosis Xpert MTB/Rif®

Current Situation

Situación del control de la Tuberculosis in the Américas 2014 (Spanish only)

* Tuberculosis in the Américas 2014 (Spanish only - PDF)

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