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Who can participate 

Active ImageAny Member State can participate in the Strategic Fund by signing an agreement with PAHO. In doing so, Member States agree to follow established procedures for procurement through the Strategic Fund. PAHO will provide technical support to assist countries in achieving Strategic Fund objectives. The Member State will designate a focal point in the Ministry of Health who acts as the principal liaison with the Strategic Fund. The Member State is required to abide by financial rules and regulations of PAHO. Global Fund Recipients may also purchase essential public health supplies through the Strategic Fund. To do so they must also sign a 'memorandum' agreement with PAHO.


Application document

icon Model Agreement between PAHO and Goverment (72.38 kB)


Steps to participate in the Strategic Fund and Operating Principles

The following are the key steps to be followed for procurement through the PAHO Strategic Fund:

1. Planning

    • The Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR) reviews needs in the public health supplies.
    • The Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR) defines and reviews the local procurement cycle.
    • The Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR) prepares a procurement plan.

2. Purchasing

  • Based on planning process, the Member State requests prices from the Strategic Fund.
  • The PAHO Procurement Services Unit (AM/PRO) at Washington DC requests information from different suppliers and provide prices through PAHO Country Offices.
  • The Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR) makes payment to PAHO.
  • PAHO purchases the product on behalf of the Member State and makes payment to the suppliers.
  • The Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR) receives quality products in accordance with the agreed shipping terms.

3. Evaluation

  • National laboratories execute quality control testing of products received. When necessary, PAHO may test the quality of a product in a PAHO/WHO selected laboratory.
  • PAHO evaluates and reviews the procurement planning process jointly with the Member State or the Principle Recipient (PR).


Details of the operating principles of the Strategic Fund

icon Operating Procedures for the Regional Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies - June 2010 (500.48 kB)

Strategic Fund Procurement Flowchart

icon Strategic Fund Procurement Flowchart (15.76 kB)

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