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About the Strategic Fund Capital Account

PAHO created a Capital Account for the Strategic Fund to assist Member States in procuring strategic public health supplies during a declared emergency in a participating country (e.g., an instance in which supplies are out of stock due to an epidemic or other factor jeopardizing public health).

To access funds from the Capital Account, the participating country must make an official request to the PAHO Director, confirming that the advanced funds will be reimbursed within 60 calendar days of the date the country receives the supplies.

The account is capitalized through allocating 3% of the total cost of each purchase made by the participating countries.  As countries purchase through the Fund, the purchasing power of the Fund will increase resulting in improved capacity to avoid stock outs in Member States.

The use of the Capital Account is authorized by the PAHO Director, following technical review by the Regional Coordinator of the Strategic Fund.

The Capitol Account has been successfully utilized by multiple countries; most recently in 2012 it was utilized by 5 Member States to prevent stock outs of antimalarial, antiretroviral and anti-tuberculosis medicines.

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