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(March) PROVAC - EPI Costing Study in Honduras

The Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) ProVac Initiative is providing technical support to the National Immunization Program (NIP) in Honduras to develop a costing study, while piloting the ProVac Costing Tool. This study aims to generate detailed estimates of the recurrent and capital costs of the routine NIP in Honduras. Additionally, this study will provide some information on the cost of new vaccine introduction for the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine relying primarily on central level data. Furthermore, this study will help map the financial resources used for immunization, identifying the different sources and flows of financial contributions to immunization activities in Honduras at the central, regional and health facility levels.

Immunization related costs and resource use will be captured at the central, regional and health facility level, where 71 total vaccination centers and 8 regional offices were included in the sample. This information will be used to estimate total costs per health facility and by immunization activity, or EPI component. In addition, the study will generate information on unit cost per immunized child.

This study began in September 2012, when a ProVac team made their first visit to Honduras. This week long visit had the objective of designing the sample and making plans for data collection. The ProVac team returned in early February 2013 to train the team of data collectors and launch data collection. A final visit is planned for mid-March 2013, when the ProVac team and the EPI will clean, review and analyze the primary data collected and present preliminary results to high-level national authorities in the country (including the NIP, other officials from the Ministry of Health and members of the Interagency Coordinating Committee). This experience will also result in an improved ProVac Costing Tool that will be made available.

Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, March 2013.

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