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Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dates: 24-26 January 2013
Participants: Vice-Minister of Health of Dominican Republic, Dr. Rafael Schiffino, as well as the EPI Manager, Dr. Zacarias Garib and cooperation agencies such as PAHO and UNICEF, EPI managers from the 38 provinces.
Purpose: To evaluate the EPI performance during 2012, at the national, regional and provincial level, in order to identify challenges that should be overcome during 2013. This exercise will improve the planning process of the EPI programs, by effectively prioritizing the allocation of resources to those activities that will reduce the challenges confronted during 2012.

Details: The EPI evaluation represents a key managerial activity, in which evidence-based decisions are taken in order to overcome the challenges presented. The evaluation also serves as a platform to share successful field experiences within the EPI managers, while identifying mechanisms of synergy to effectively deliver the immunization services.

Within the evaluation context, the results of a recent study on missed opportunities were presented. Provincial EPI managers actively participated in the development of concrete corrective actions, to reduce the missed opportunities found in the study. These actions were incorporated in the 2013’s Plans of Actions of each province and the national level. Additionally, the EPI managers proposed a systematic monitoring on the implementation of the corrective actions, in order to assess a potential impact to better improve the delivery of the immunization services.

During the evaluation meeting, vaccination coverage indicators were reviewed, including drop-out rates, as well as the achievement of surveillance indicators, progress on the introduction of rotavirus vaccine, cold chain and planning activities for the Vaccination Week of the Americas.


Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, March 2013.


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