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Regional WHO IHR Contact Point Information Forum


The information on this site is for the National IHR Focal Points (NFPs) use only and is provided to inform NFPs and/or facilitate risk assessment and actions as appropriate.


:: Introduccion

This forum is dedicated to sharing event related information and foster transparency and facilitate dialogue between Member States through the National IHR Focal Point (NFP) network, as recommended by the IHR Review Committee with regards to advances and efforts made by States Parties in the region to attain core capacities and share resources and responsibilities under the IHR framework.

To foster intersectorial collaboration and interaction, lists of the contact information of national institutions responsible for  early warning activities under different international agreements are provided below.

:: Summary of Events that have (or could have) international public health implications in, or related to, the Region of the Americas.

New events


Country or Area



Disease or Condition


Event Status


Source Type


Updated and Ongoing Events


Events under verification 


:: Data Dictionary 


:: Contact Information Links

      •       IHR NFP Contact Information 
      •       INFOSAN Contact Information 
      •       IAEA Focal Point Contact Information
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