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Alongside the HIV epidemic tragedy, a deadly second epidemic has emergedhuman rights abuses of those who are living with (or who are suspected of living with) the HIV virus. Discrimination and intolerance have caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, homes, and social standing, as well as to be rejected by family members and friends, denied vital medical care and support, unjustly imprisoned without due process and judicial guarantees, and even killed.

PAHO plays an important role in promoting and protecting the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health. Activities promoted by PAHO include training workshops on international human rights norms and standards, and collaboration in review and, if necessary, reform of national policies, plans, and programs to ensure their conformity with international human rights norms. PAHO also collaborates with civil society organizations in activities related to promotion and protection of the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of people with HIV.
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