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CHA.HIV. Drug Resistance

HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) is defined as the ability of HIV to mutate and reproduce in the presence of antiretroviral drugs. Drug resistance may develop in patients on antiretroviral therapy (acquired or secondary drug resistance), or may be transmitted from a person with acquired resistance to an individual without previous exposure to antiretrovirals (primary or transmitted drug resistance). The development and transmission of drug resistance are a serious concern for the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment from both clinical and public health perspective.

PAHO supports the planning and implementation of national HIVDR prevention and assessment strategies in the region, based on the World Health Organization global HIVDR strategy and integrated into national HIV surveillance and monitoring and evaluation programs. More information on the WHO HIVDR strategy can be found at:

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HIVDR Early Warning Indicators (2010) (WHO)

World Health Organization HIV Drug Resistance Laboratory Guidance (2010) (WHO)

*World Health Organization/HIVResNet Drug Resistance Laboratory Strategy

*World Health Organization surveys to monitor HIV drug resistance prevention and associated factors in sentinel antiretroviral treatment sites

*Recommendations for surveillance of transmitted HIV drug resistance in countries scaling up antiretroviral treatment

*World Health Organization's global strategy for prevention and assessment of HIV drug resistance




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