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Vulnerable Populations

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Vulnerable populations are groups that due to biological, environmental or socio-cultural factors have limited or no control over exposure to hazardous or risky situations. These people may not be frequently exposed to risk, but if the exposure occurs they have less power to avoid it or to lessen its damaging effects. Populations vulnerable to HIV include those without information, those without skills or power to negotiate the terms of sexual encounters (notably young and adult women), people with other sexually transmitted infections, those forced to have sexual intercourse or pressed to become sexually active, those who have sex under the influence of alcohol and drugs, prepubescent and adolescent girls, and people whose sexual activities are limited by environmental conditions, such as incarcerated individuals and migrants.

PAHO supports countries in implementing targeted interventions for vulnerable populations, including increased HIV awareness, reduction of stigma and discrimination, programs for sexual health, empowerment and skill-building processes, and greater access to education, health and other services.

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