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Strategic Fund

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The PAHO Strategic Fund, also known as the Regional Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies, was created by PAHO in September 2000 to assist PAHO Member States.

Through the Strategic Fund the procurement of essential medicines and basic public health products takes on a new perspective as it is accompanied by technical support from PAHO in the management of supply systems and the acquisition of low cost products that meet international quality standards. 



 Strategic Fund Sections 




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The Challenges facing Member States in Access

The challenges facing Member States of the Pan America Health Organization, regional office of the World Health Organization in the region of the Americas, in improving access to essential public health supplies lie principally in important areas of selection of quality products, financing and procurement, cost containment and intellectual property regulation, and supply management. 

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Active ImageThe Strategic Fund has been structured through a series of internal (within PAHO) and external partnerships to maximize support to participating countries. 

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 Active ImageAny Member State can participate in the Strategic Fund by signing an agreement with PAHO. 

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Guidance document for Procurement

Active ImageCountries participating in the Strategic Fund are using a Procurement Plan document to review the supply management system and develop a procurement plan. 

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About the PAHO Strategic Fund

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History of the Strategic Fund

To achieve equitable delivery of health care services, access to affordable quality medicines and medical supplies is required. 

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Product list and Reference prices

Active ImageIn this section you can find the product list and reference prices for different medicines. 

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