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Sample Image El presente libro busca complementarlo y servir de compendio práctico de los procedimientos para la identificación y el manejo de las diferentes manifestaciones psicosociales (patológicas o no) que pueden presentar las víctimas de los desastres.

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In the last quarter century, several projects emerged to reform mental health services in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Some did not survive the difficulties that inevitably arise in processes of change, and ended up disappearing before the intended changes could be introduced.

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Mental Health

PAHO and the Reformulation of Mental Health in the Americas

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Over the past 50 years, Member States of the Pan American Health Organization have striven to improve their systems for delivering mental health services. A group of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean has distinguished itself in recent years with valuable experiences.

This page presents several articles and interviews about promoting mental health, prevention and treatments of mental illness. Also, it shows some statistics and realities, financing, human resources and information and knowledge.

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Preventing Suicide: a resource series (WHO)


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Mental health aspects of women’s reproductive

Active Image This Review is a unique document containing all available evidence regarding the relationship between women’s mental health and selected aspects of their reproductive health.

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