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Communication is an essential tool of the response to HIV. It can help to promote the political, social and individual changes necessary to curb the epidemic, such as approving new legislation, reducing of stigma and increasing condom use. As part of the response to the HIV epidemic, however, communication has had smaller results than expected. Some believe that HIV communication should have a stronger focus on most at risk and vulnerable groups.

PAHO uses communication initiatives to promote greater participation of governments, society civil, private and religious sector in the response to the epidemic. It also works to strengthen the communication capacity of the actors involved in the response to HIV.

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A Gender Analysis of HIV Television Spots (2010) (Spanish)

Hazte la Prueba Initiative Toolkit (2006)

Campaigns Against Homophobia in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico (2005)

What UN Staff in Latin America and the Caribbean Need to Say about the HIV Epidemic (2003)

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Know your Status website (Spanish only)

Calendar with activities in response to AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean


Translatina (November 21, 2009)

VIHdeo America: an anthology of 10 years of HIV TV spots in the Americas

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