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Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis

The Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Department promotes, coordinates, and implements technical cooperation activities directed toward the surveillance, prevention, control, and elimination of communicable diseases and zoonosis.

It strives to achieve a sustainable impact on health by providing normative guidance, furthering the implementation of evidence-based interventions, and fostering alliances that strengthen country capacity, improve the effectiveness of inter-country collaboration, and facilitate policy and decision making processes through improved health information coverage, analysis and quality at all levels.

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Call to Action of the First Latin American and Caribbean Forum on the Continuum of Care

The Forum on the Continuum of Care was held in Mexico City, May 26-28, with the aim of contributing to the expansion and sustainability of the HIV response, in particular of comprehensive care, through partnerships between national programs, health services, skilled clinicians and representatives of civil society, to reduce the number of new infections and achieve the greatest possible number of people with effective and sustained viral suppression.


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Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Department

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