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Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis

The Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Department promotes, coordinates, and implements technical cooperation activities directed toward the surveillance, prevention, control, and elimination of communicable diseases and zoonosis.

It strives to achieve a sustainable impact on health by providing normative guidance, furthering the implementation of evidence-based interventions, and fostering alliances that strengthen country capacity, improve the effectiveness of inter-country collaboration, and facilitate policy and decision making processes through improved health information coverage, analysis and quality at all levels.

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Países de las Américas buscan frenar la transmisión de la esquistosomiasis para el 2020

 Países de las Américas se reunieron en Puerto Rico con el fin de trazar el camino a seguir para frenar la transmisión y verificar la eliminación de la esquistosomiasis, una infección parasitaria crónica causada por gusanos que produce anemia, en especial en escolares en situación de pobreza de zonas rurales de la región.

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Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Department

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