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VII Pan American Conference on Pharmaceutical Education

VII Pan American Conference on Pharmaceutical Education

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Virtual Health Library - Search by Subjects Related to Essential Medicines and Biologicals

Sources - Database: General Health Sicience: LILACS, MEDLINE /International Agencies: PAHO-Pan American Health Organization, WHOLIS-World Health Organization / Cochrane Library: Cochrane systematic reiews, Protocols of Cochrane systematic reviews, CENTRAL, Abstracts by INAHTA, economic studies and critically appraised, abstracts of quality assessments / BBO-Brazilian Dentistry Bibliography  / MEDCARIB-Caribbean Health Sciences Literature / Bandolier / Ibero-American Clinical Trials, Evidence. Updating in ambulatory, Reports / HIL-Internet Resources.


  • Access and Innovation
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Pharmaceutical Policies
  • Quality and Regulation
  • Vaccines and Biological
  • Rational Use
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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers - Medicines, Drugs, and Pharmacy

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