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External Relations, Partnerhips, and Governing Bodies

altFunctional Statement:
To lead the official relationships between the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB) and the International Community;
To advocate for the inclustion of the Health Agenda of the Americas into the high level political agendas as well as the international development fora;
To lead, guide and facilitate resource mobilization at the international level, as well as build partnerships and collaborative arrangements, to achieve the Pan American Sanitary Bureau Strategic Plan.


The Team 

ERP consists of professionals in the headquarters of the PASB in Washington DC and in New York, Brussels, and Buenos Aires whose principal task is to promote the relations of the PASB with United Nations, the European Union, and with countries and mechanisms of integration of the subregion of Latin America.



  1. Strengthen the existing associations and promote new with the following partners for development: 
    • Bilateral Institutions, such as: (i) governments and traditional cooperation agencies, (ii) emerging economies (BRICS), and (iii) South-South and triangular cooperation.
    • Multilateral Institutions: (i) the programs, funds, and specialized agencies of the United Nations system, (ii) the agencies of the Inter-American and Ibero-American System, and (iii) the multilateral financial institutions.
    • Private Sector: socially responsible companies.
    • Foundations and philanthropic entities: (i) organizations of civil society, (ii) nongovernmental organizations, and (iii) faith-based organizations.

  2. Develop and coordinate the Resources Mobilization Strategy and serve as a liaison between the partners for development and PASB. Carry out the negotiations of the health cooperation framework agreements.

  3. Foster and promote an enabling environment for the mobilization of resources in the regional area and in the countries; for example, encounters with the members for development local, regional and of Headquarters.

  4. Create tools and methodologies that are used in partnership building and associations to achieve strategic health objectives in the Region of the Americas.

  5. Provide intelligence and political-strategic analysis that supports the processes of decision-making of the Office of the Director and the Executive Management of the PASB.

  6. Prepare analysis on various types of data and information on the processes of regional, subregional, and interregional integration, its implications for the PASB, and to give recommendations in accordance with these.

  7. Systematize and analyze the trends, assignment, and implementation of the Voluntary Contributions that the PASB receives.
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