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IMCI Strategy

The PCPCD is working to expand the coverage of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy in Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, thereby contributing to reaching the Millennium Development Goal of reducing the mortality of children under 5 years of age by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015. The Program targets existing gaps due to activities not yet implemented or populations that remain without coverage. To contribute to the sustainability of the IMCI strategy, it was decided that one objective of this component would be to improve health professionals’ knowledge about the diseases affecting the population under five years of age by improving the curricula of health career programs such as medicine, nursing, and public health.

It was determined essential that health professionals receive instruction on the strategy as part of the university curriculum of their respective career path; to reflect this, the PCPCD included the following expected result: IMCI has been accepted and incorporated into pre- and post-graduate programs in the health sciences schools (medicine, nursing, and public health) in the areas targeted by the Program. To date, 37 health sciences schools have incorporated IMCI in their academic curriculum, of a total of 12 proposed as the target for the end of the Program.

Through the clinical IMCI component, the PCPCD supports national efforts to make IMCI a routine practice among health workers in primary care institutions, in the community, and at first-level referral hospitals, and among family members serving as caregivers for children. Given the needs identified in the target population as part of the evaluation of actions in the countries, the community IMCI component was added to the Project in 2006.

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Objetives of the PCPCD

The following table outlines the Program results organized by Topic.


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IMCI Materials and Publications

In 2008 PAHO published Una visión de Salud Intercultural (in Spanish) with support from CIDA, the United Nations Foundation, and the American Red Cross as a guide directed at health personel in order to improve intercultural collaboration.




In 2008 





In 2005 PAHO published Estrategia de comunicación para la salud integral en la infancia, a guide for the development of IMCI projects. 

Sample Image In 2005, PAHO, in collaboration with CIDA, the American Red Cross and the United Nations Foundation, published the Guía para el Diagnostico Local Participativo.

Soon to be published:

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