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Social Exclusion and Social Protection

Nueva resolución de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud sobre Protección Social en Salud para la Región de las Américas

El día 3 de Octubre de 2013, el Consejo Directivo de OPS, conformado por los ministros de salud de los países de las Américas y el Caribe aprobaron la Resolución CE152/12 sobre Protección Social en Salud.

El documento resolutivo que se acompaña de un documento conceptual sobre el tema, insta a los Estados Miembros, así como al Secretariado de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud a apoyar el desarrollo de políticas de protección social como un objetivo integrador de los esfuerzos de transformación de los sistemas de salud a la cobertura universal.


Social Protection in Health

Technical Cooperation Issues

  • Support health policy related to Social Protection
  • Technical cooperation for the development of security systems (legal and regulatory framework, feature sets, plans and programs) to fulfill the right to health
  • Training: "Course design and management of Joint Health Benefits"
  • Relationship and technical collaboration with the Social Security institutions in member states
  • Support for the production of evidence by evaluating policies Social Health Protection


Social Protection in Health means "warranty, given by society, through public authorities, for an individual, or group of individuals, can satisfy their health needs and demands obtaining adequate access to Health system or any of the health subsystems in the country, without the ability to pay be a limiting factor. "

Social Health Protection is a framework for the building of access to adequate health care, understanding it as a right or a preferential good. Social Protection Policies in Health should aim at universality, ensuring access, quality, timeliness and financial protection for individuals, families and community. However, although universal, these policies should be alert to produce special responses to special needs, being permeable to gender approach and proactive in addressing the needs of ethnic and cultural minorities.

Social protection in health is not a static concept. On the contrary, it is evolving, and policies that comprise consolidated progressively, increasing the effective range of the common good in the health field.
To give support to social protection approach in public health policies, It is needed to achieve a certain degree of social agreement. In turn, these processes of social dialogue and agreement contribute to social cohesion based on democratic values through social appropriation of the concept of right to health and roll of the state and citizens in the realization of this right.

The focus of social protection in health is also quite consistent with the objective of universal health coverage, defined as the situation in which every citizen is has health care services he needs without incurring into financial risk.

From a strategic perspective, social health protection should be implemented following the values and principles of Primary Health Care, namely, right to the highest attainable health, equity and solidarity. This conceptual model integrate social protection, universal coverage and renewed primary health care, can further transform health systems towards more integrated, people-centered and equitable.


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Documents and publications

The Social Protection in Health webpage offers information on the characterization and measurement of Exclusion in health in the countries of the Americas.   


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