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Analysis of Health System and Services

Rev Panam Public Health, 2013: Special Section on Equity in Health Systems

The studies comprising this special section include a methodological article for measuring income-related inequalities in health outcomes and health care utilization and assessing possible determinants over time in six countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru. These studies provide important evidence to inform policies on the evolution of income related inequality in health outcomes and health services utilization/access in these countries’ health systems.
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Analysis of Health Systems and Services

Welcome to the Analysis of Health Systems and Services webpage, where you will find the latest information on the methodology for measurement, monitoring, evaluation and strategic analysis of health systems and services throughout the region of the Americas.

Areas of Work:

Health Systems Country Profiles 

Health Systems Country Profiles This section provides a structured analysis of each health system within each country of the region of the Americas, including design and functions. Technical guidelines were used for the  preparation of each health system profile. These informative documents are updated continuously to assure current and relevant information. 



EPHF (Essential Public Health Functions)


Essential Public Health FunctionsThis section provides information on the methodology, instruments and country reports related to the Essential Public Health Functions. PAHO, through the Public Health in the Americas Initiative, defined eleven Essential Public Health Functions necessary to strengthen public health practice, and developed a methodology that allows countries to evaluate their public health capacity.


 Equity in Access and Utilization of Health Services (EquiLAC)

Equity in Acces and Utilization of Health ServicesThe Equilac project provides a systematic analysis of equity in health systems using data from national surveys. The project promotes the assessment of the evolution and sources of health care inequalities within and across countries. The first set of studies provides an analysis of equity in health and health care utilization over time. Future studies will include analysis of equity in financing, expenditures, public subsidies, health outcomes (infant mortality, under five mortality, stunting, underweight, life expectancy, maternal mortality, mortality of diabetes mellitus, etc) and supply and distribution of health services (physicians, nurses, hospitals, health centers, etc). Currently, there are six countries participating in this project: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru.

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Microdata Catalog: Information on health surveys and socioeconomic and demographic

This catalogue presents information on health surveys and socioeconomic and demographic surveys with health indicators for Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a result of pilot project that aims to disseminate health related surveys and variables from LAC to policy makers and researchers. Users of this database will find in a single web source surveys' microdata and a whole gamut of metadata documents, including surveys description, users' and interviewers' manuals, and analytical reports.
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Publications and documents

EquiLAC Abstracts and other documents

Health Systems Country Profiles 1999-2009

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