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Meeting the requirements in the IHR (2005) is a challenge that requires time, commitment and the willingness to change. This paper has been developed to guide WHO Member States and other countries that are parties to the Regulations in the implementation of the obligations contained in them. Section 4 sets out seven areas of work to assist countries with the challenges inherent in meeting the new obligations.


Each area of work has a specific goal that contributes to the over-arching goal of international public health security, and each area of work will be the subject of one or more detailed implementation plans.


The seven areas of work for IHR (2005) implementation: 



  • Foster global partnerships
  • Strengthen national disease prevention, surveillance, control and response systems
  • Strengthen public health security in travel and transport
  • Strengthen WHO global alert and response systems
  • Strengthen the management of specific risks
  • Sustain rights, obligations and procedures
  • Conduct studies and monitor progress 



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National Focal Points in the Americas, 2010


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List of all the National Focal Points in thirty-five countries


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