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The RHO issues analytical reports on the current situation and trends for priority health issues. Some key products of the RHO are: Health in The Americas, Health Statistics in the Americas, Health Situation in the Americas: Health Indicators.
In addition, the RHO provides analytical reports on cross-cutting topics and specific health programs reports.

Health Situation in the Americas: Basic Indictaors 2014

The 2014 presents:

  • Health Situation in The Americas: Basic Health Indicators 2013the last available information for 59 basic indicators of 50 countries and territories in the Region of the Americas
  • a map of the Americas that show the coverage of death registration by country
  • the summary of progress made towards achieving the targets of the PAHO Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening Vital and Health Statistics

In the last decade, great efforts were made in Health Information Systems in the Americas to strengthen birth and death coverage––the main source of data used to prepare most of the indicators of the Millennium Development Goals and other health goals.

Click here to access the Basic Indicators 2014

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Levels and trend of Child Mortality. Repor 2012


The United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN-IGME) updates child mortality estimates annually for monitoring progress. This report presents the UN-IGME’s latest estimates of under-five, infant and neonatal mortality and assesses progress towards MDG 4 at the country, regional and global levels.

It aims to help countries and partners give high priority to reducing newborn and child mortality, particularly by targeting the major killers of children with effective preventive and curative interventions.

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Millennium Development Goals Report 2012

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The report presents the yearly assessment of global progress towards the MDGs, highlighting several milestones – three important MDG targets have been met well ahead of the target date of 2015. The report says that meeting the remaining targets, while challenging, remain possible – but only if Governments do not waiver from their commitments made over a decade ago.

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World Health Statistics 2012

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World Health Statistics 2012 contains WHO’s annual compilation of health-related data for its 194 Member States, and includes a summary of the progress made towards achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and associated targets.

This year, it also includes highlight summaries on the topics of noncommunicable diseases, universal health coverage and civil registration coverage.

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Trend in maternal mortality: 1990 to 2012

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Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 Target 5A calls for the reduction of maternal mortality ratio by three quarters between 1990 and 2015. It has been a challenge to assess the extent of progress due to the lack of reliable and accurate maternal mortality data – particularly in developing-country settings where maternal mortality is high. As part on going efforts, the WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and The World Bank updated estimates of maternal mortality for the years 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010.

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Busqueda intencionada de muertes maternas en México. Informe 2008

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El informe Búsqueda intensionada de muertes maternas en México presenta un conjunto de actividades de carácter nacional que se vienen realizado en México desde el año 2002 dirigidas a mejorar la confiabilidad y calidad de las defunciones maternas, de sus causas de muerte y la Razón de Mortalidad Materna. Dichas actividades han corregido en gran medida la mala clasificación y le han dado credibilidad a la información sobre mortalidad materna recabada en el país. El Observatorio de Salud de la OPS recomienda las activades de búsqueda intensionada de muertes maternas como buena práctica para mejorar la calidad de los datos y estadísticas de salud.


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Antiretroviral Treatment in the Spotlight: A Public Health Analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The report, Antiretroviral treatment in the spotlight: a public health analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean, analyzes the vulnerabilities of ART programs in LAC and makes recommendations for strengthening countries’ health systems to ensure the sustainability of those programs and continued progress toward universal access to ART.

The report analyzes data on ART prices, procurement and consumption patterns; HIV-tuberculosis co-infections; and dependence on external financing, among other variables. It concludes that the majority of patients receiving ART in LAC are taking effective and safe antiretrovirals (ARV). 


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Essential Interventions, Commodities and Guidelines for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

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Essential interventions, commodities and guidelines for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, is designed to facilitate decision-making in low- and middle-income countries about how to allocate limited resources for maximum impact on the health of women and children.

The study reviewed more than 50 000 scientific papers to determine the proven effectiveness of interventions and impact on survival, identifying 56 essential interventions that when implemented in "packages" relevant to local settings, are most likely to save lives. The study is released today by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Aga Khan University and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH).


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Elimiantion of Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV and Congenital Syphilis in the Americas. 2010 Situation Analysis

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This report describes the current status of progress in the Region towards the Elimination Initiative goals, highlights gaps and challenges, and presents recommendations for future action to achieve these goals.


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