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Health Sector Analyses

Health Sector Analyses

A Health Sector Analysis is a collective and participatory process which seeks to strengthen the capacity of the technical and political levels within the country to steer and conduct the health sector. The Health Sector Analysis document outlines the country’s health situation as well as the performance of the health system.

The Analysis also orients the identification and selection of priority interventions for health policy formulation and health system development. The Health Sector Analysis process typically results in the identification of policies and/or plans, programs, projects/and or interventions oriented to maximize the impact of the sector in reaching national health objectives and/or priorities.

  Análisis del sector salud: una herramienta para la formulación de polìticas.  Lineamientos Metodológicos. Edición especial No. 9 (Washington, D.C.OPS,2005) [Only in Spanish]

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Health Sector Analysis in Bolivia

The Health Sector Analysis process in Bolivia was initiated in November 2003, after a workshop in which authorities from the Ministry of Health and Recreation took on the challenge of applying the Health Sector Analysis Methodology proposed by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), with the assistance and technical coordination of the PAHO/WHO representation in Bolivia.

This document captures the most relevant aspects of the health sector analysis process carried out to date in the country. Through participatory and coordinated efforts, during different stages of the process, data has been collected and integrated into an analytical summary. The goal is to contribute to an analytical, reflective and proactive document, which provides support to the formulation of public policies for the health sector in Bolivia.

 Análisis del Sector Salud Bolivia   (2004, Available only in Spanish)

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Health Sector Analysis in Costa Rica

This health sector analysis is comprised of a critical review of the components of the health sector. The objective is to reveal the elements required to improve the current social, economic and technological events and the population’s demands for accessible and quality health services. The framework of this analysis stems from the principle that health is a fundamental public good and, as a result, vital to achieve sustainable human development.

In the health sector, these joint efforts must be governed by principles of universality, equity, solidarity, and quality of services. With the aim of introducing possible improvements into the health system, one of the objectives of the sector analysis is to deepen and expose those aspects of the health system that have experienced relevant deficiencies. Finally, the Costa Rica health sector analysis is an important step to formulate evidence-based health policy and public health objectives aimed at reducing inequities in health.

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 1 (Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica con la cooperación técnica de OPS/OMS, San José, 2002 - Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 2 ( 2002, Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Costa Rica - Sección 3 (2002, Available only in Spanish)

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Health Sector Analysis in Cuba

In light of the current country situation, the Health Sector Analysis document is used to sustain the reorientation of the sector and as a basis for international cooperation in health. As part of the preparation for the Health Sector Analysis, a group of experts were trained, divided into subgroups and given specific subjects to develop. The participants represent a set of various institutions and scientific disciplines, which provides for the necessary interdisciplinary and inter-institutional character of the analysis.

The Health Sector Analysis document is structured in chapters that successively present the theoretical framework of the current reform process. A discussion of the theoretical framework is followed by a description of the political, economic and social environment; demographic and epidemiological situation analysis; approaches to promotion and prevention, sanitary regulations; institutional framework; human and technological resources; financing and expenditures of the sector; health services; scientific and technical development; traditional and natural medicine and international cooperation.

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 1 (Ministerio de Salud Pública con la colaboración de la OPS/OMS, Ciudad de la Habana, Abril de 1996 - Available in Spanish only)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 2  (1996. Available only in Spanish)

 Análisis del Sector Salud Cuba - Sección 3  (1996. Available only in Spanish)

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Health Sector Analysis in Guyana


The Health Sector Analysis in Guyana was formally requested by the Ministry of Health of Guyana in 2002. The objective was to provide input into the elaboration of the National Health Plan in consonance with other initiatives such as the Essential Public Health Functions and Health in the Americas. Since the Health Sector Analysis was completed, the National Health Plan 2003-2007 was finalized and approved by the Government of Guyana Cabinet. In addition, the donor community in Guyana makes use of the Health Sector Analysis on a continuing basis.

 Health Sector Analysis Guyana  (February 2003)

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Health Sector Analysis in Haiti


The goal of the health reform, which is explicitly stated in the latest national health policy and in other documents is to improve, in a sustainable fashion, the health of the population by adopting an approach that favors equity, efficiency and citizen participation. These three goals, which are a common denominator in all of the reforms that have been implemented in Haiti, seek to provide an adequate response to the current health situation characterized by high rates of morbidity and mortality, and by limited access to and low quality of health services.

To reach its equity objective, the proposed reform strategy will guarantee access for the entire Haitian population to a minimum package of services (or PMS in French); which will be offered at the district level (Health Community Units or UCS in French). The package seeks to provide a range of essential health care services with emphasis on prevention and promotion; universally accessible to all individuals and their families.

Analyse du Secteur de la Santé pour la Réforme   (Available only in French)


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Health Sector Analysis in Nicaragua

Within the context of the transformation of the society and the State of Nicaragua, this Health Sector Analysis attempts to overcome the limitations the country has faced in exercising the steering role function of the health sector.

Furthermore, this Analysis seeks to identify how the principles of equity, efficiency, sustainability, social participation, solidarity and others, which are guiding principles in terms of the population’s health as well as in health care delivery, are manifested. The objective is to formulate and implement proposals that allow the improvement in the quality of life of the population.


Análisis del Sector Salud Nicaragua (2003 - Available only in Spanish)

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Health Sector Analysis in Paraguay

The National Health Council of Paraguay established as a priority the implementation of a strategic study of the health sector. The analysis provided the political and technical decision-making levels, an evaluation of the main problems of the health sector, including its determinants, available resources as well as organization and financing. Specifically the analysis assists the ongoing health sector reform process attain new structural, organizational and financing schemes. Furthermore, the analysis provides the basis for policy and strategy formulation in order to enable the sector reform process improve equity, efficacy, effectiveness, and quality of the health services.


 Análisis del Sector Salud Paraguay  (1999, Available only in Spanish)

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