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Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnostic Quality

Improving the Quality of Diagnosis: The countries of the Region have been switching responsibility for malaria diagnosis from the vertical structure of national programs to the health systems. The multiplicity of actors, the instability of human resources, and the greater structural complexity of this service network impose ever-growing challenges in terms of microscopy quality assurance systems.

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Treatment / Drug Access

Improving Access to Treatment and Use of Drugs: The changes in the therapeutic regimens in the countries prompted RAVREDA-AMI to promote lines of work related to improving the availability of antimalarials and their use by prescribers and patients. Pharmaceutical management quickly emerged as one of the most important lines of work.

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Resistance to Antimalarials

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Surveillance of Antimalarial Drug Resistance: RAVREDA/AMI Sentinel Sites for Efficacy Studies. At the end of 1990s, countries in the Amazon subregion did not have a surveillance system that could routinely evaluate the efficacy of antimalarial treatments. Reliable and standardized malaria information was not available for decision-making. For this reason, the Network's first step was devoted to developing a surveillance system for antimalarial drug resistance in the Amazon countries, with the goal of generating reliable, evidence-based, and standardized drug efficacy information.

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