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February 2013 Vol. 33, No. 2 Table of Contents ISSN 1680 5348 Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública / Pan American Journal of Public Health

EquiLAC II comprises a series of studies to measure and explain health systems inequalities in countries of the Americas. As such, EquiLAC II aims to update and further expand on the concepts and methods of previous studies during the late 1990s, while introducing new methodologies and advancements in health equity analysis.

Phase I studies will include an assessment of the sources of health care systems inequalities and inequities, the direction of inequality in selected health systems, as well as within country and cross-country comparisons. Each study will identify whether there is systematic variation in the use of health care services in relation to some variation of living standards. 


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The EquiLAC II project calls for the systematic assessment of health system inequalities in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  The background for this work is based on prior case studies performed during the late 1990s on the measurement of health and health systems inequalities in the Region.

The main goal of the project is to increase understanding and knowledge of health systems inequalities in the region of the Americas by producing evidence to support policy development, monitoring, and evaluation.

The audience for these studies includes ministries of health, economic development agencies, national and international organizations, policy makers, researchers and health agencies in the Americas. The studies will be widely disseminated with the hope of fostering future policy dialogue in the area of health equity research. 


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Jornadas de trabajo para fortalecer competencias del personal de salud para la preparación de un análisis sobre desigualdades en salud en Uruguay

Montevideo, noviembre de 2013. Hay una creciente conciencia sobre la necesidad de disponer, sistemática y convincentemente, de evidencia relevante, confiable y conceptualmente accesible para documentar las desigualdades sociales en salud y en el acceso a los servicios de salud y aportar al diseño de políticas de salud basadas en equidad. Por ello, se hace prioritario fortalecer las capacidades nacionales para generar e interpretar evidencia sobre la presencia, magnitud e impacto de las desigualdades en la salud poblacional como insumo indispensable para el diseño de políticas públicas, la acción sobre las desigualdades en salud, y la consolidación de la rectoría en salud en Las Américas.

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