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Active Living and Physical Activity

The recognition that physical activity is an important ingredient of good health has identified that a low dose of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily –or 150 minutes of MFA a week- promotes health, though it will not suffice to defeat obesity.  But this is another matter. 

The important issue is that the stated recommendation (walking, biking, climbing stairs etc.) can be achieved while performing our daily routines. In fact, nearly 2/3 of physically active people in the developing world, particularly in Latin America and to some extent in the Caribbean, achieve this status walking for utilitarian purposes in their cities. This is great news as it converges with the policies of sustainable development and active transportation (e.g. walking, biking and transit use). 

We are actively working to create synergies with the transportation sector and city planning to advance the principles and practice of urban sustainable development which includes, compact urban growth, less use of private cars and greater reliance on transit. That approach to the city will produce three concrete outcomes: improve people’s health, enhance quality of life and prevent climate change problems.


•  “Active Cities, Healthy Cities” Contest Open for Nominations and Electronic Voting


•  Velo-City Sevilla 2011: The cycle of life (23-25 March 2011)

Sevilla calienta “pedales” para celebrar el Velo-City 2011
Escrito por Redacción Sevilla on feb 8th, 2011

H. Gro Brundtland, ex Primer Ministro Noruega, dara un discurso en la próxima Conferencia Velo-city en Sevilla Actualidad, Cultura, Deportes  por Jose Luis Pereyra Comentar Publicado 7 de Febrero de 2011

• Experto en Nutrición de OPS sostuvo que "la publicidad de alimientos no saludables es dañina para los niños"  21 February 2011

Documents and publications

Recommendations from a Pan American Health Organization Expert Consultation on the Marketing of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Children in the Americas (2011)

      English version      Spanish version


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"La publicidad de alimentos no saludables es dañina para los niños", sostuvo experto de OPS


Active Cities, Healthy Cities
Ciudades Activas, Ciudades Saludables

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