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Strengthening Health Information Systems - PEVS

Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening Vital and Health Statistics

The Strategic Plan of Action emphasizes the need for PAHO to provide technical cooperation to the countries to improve the quality and coverage of vital and health statistics; promote horizontal cooperation; establish a mechanism for collaboration between areas of the Organization; and coordinate activities with other international agencies and actors working to strengthen the health information systems of the countries of the Region.

In order to facilitate harmonization and coordination in the development of health information systems, the Secretariat adopted the goal, objectives, and principles of the Health Metrics Network (HMN), a world partnership focused on health systems that promote global standards for developing and improving the performance of information systems.

The conceptual and operational framework of the PEVS of the countries was discussed and consolidated at meetings with other technical areas of PAHO and WHO, as well as with international organizations, and includes three dimensions:

(a) evaluation of the information production process, which recognizes the existence of different stages in data production and the potential presence of different factors (context, technology, procedures, human resources, etc.) that can impact the quality of the data;

(b) the identification of problems and needs to identify the priority areas that should be addressed to improve the coverage, quality, and timeliness of the data; and

(c) the definition of intervention levels to guide the application of appropriate solutions and good practices in areas identified as problematic (geographical, specific population groups, thematic, and sectoral).

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