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World Days Events

  • World Diabetes Day


World Diabetes Day 2012




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World Diabetes Day 2011  Display - Download in PDF

World Diabetes 2011



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World Diabetes Day, 14 November: Unite for Diabetes
2009, Understand diabetes. Take control: English | español | português
2008, Be active, eat healthy: English | español
2007, No child should die of diabetes! English | español


  • World Hipertension Day


World Hypertension Day - Poster 



 Download poster in PDF
 Read PAHO press release






World Hypertension Day poster 2009



Download poster in PDF

Read PAHO press release.

World Hypertension League (WHL)

- Main WHL event site
- National Reports submitted for 2009 event




  • Wellness Week

Wellness Week

Graphic material for Caribbean Wellness Day 2009








I love my healthy city  

Too soon to die 

Greater than the sum of all the parts  


Prevent, Treat, Care 

Prevention Saves Money 

3 out 5 die from NCDs. Its time to care 

Less Salt, Please!

Less Salt, Please!

Less Salt, Please! - Poster

Less Salt, Please! - Postcard


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