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CIDA review Inter-American Program with PAHO

Representatives from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) visited External Relations, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, in November 2012, in order to review the current Inter-American Program funded initiative with PAHO, including its integration within PAHO's Strategic Plan and Country Plans.

The CIDA mission was composed of Gail Miller, the new Senior Director of Strategic Analysis, Operations and Regional Programming (Americas Directorate) and Brett Maitland, Counselor Alternate Representative of Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS.

In addition to reviewing the current Inter-American Program, the CIDA representatives were briefed on how the Program is building on lessons-learned from CIDA's past investments with PAHO and also PAHOs engagement in WHOs reform. Priscilla Rivas-Loria, Area Manager a.i., External Relations, Resource Mobilization, and Partnerships (ERP) explained the work underway by the WHO Global Resource Mobilization Task Force in the context of the WHO Reform.

Additional participants included James Hill, ERP Advisor; Amalia Del Riego, Manager a.i., Planning and Resource Coordination; Carolina Bascones, Advisor in Planning and Resource Coordination; and Dionne Patz, Advisor, Project Management & Coordination.

Gail Miller indicated that CIDA currently focuses on three key areas, namely children and youth, sustainable economic development, and food security. She also emphasized that CIDA has made a priority of making its international assistance more effective, focused, and accountable. “Info accountability came into play, health info and vital statistics gives key info on child protection, causes of deaths, etcetera”, she explained.

Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has received two CIDA grants, one for CAD$ 18 million, for Improved Health and Increased Protection from Communicable Diseases, and another for CAD$20 million for Maman Ak Timoun in Haiti.

The CIDA Improved Health and Increased Protection from Communicable Diseases Program aims to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates of women, newborns, children, and excluded populations in 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It is designed to strengthen basic primary healthcare systems and service delivery, increase protection from communicable diseases, and institutional strengthening to increase PAHOs efficiency and effectiveness to carry out technical cooperation in the areas of gender equality and risks and results management. The 11 focus countries are: Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana and El Salvador.

Maman Ak Timoun is intended to increase access to health services -through performance-based contracting- for pregnant woman, new born and the children under 5 years and those displaced by 2010 earthquake. This project benefits 3 million people and aims to reduce the frequency of deaths and serious diseases within the poorest populations.

The last CIDA meeting with PAHO/WHO was held in July 2012. The next meeting is going to be held in December 2012to review the CIDA-funded Haiti project.

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