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Discurso de bienvenida al Comité Regional Asesor en Estadísticas en Salud (CRAES)

El Comité Regional Asesor en Estadísticas de Salud (CRAES) se reunió en la sede de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud en la ciudad de Washington, D.C., del 11 al 13 de agosto de 2009. El Comité se reúne periódicamente para analizar el estado de las estadísticas de salud en la Región de las Américas y promover la mejora de las estadísticas demográficas y otras de interés para el sector salud.


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TIME TO ACT: Protecting Health from Climate Change

 Google News. April 11, 2008.-

Google News asked Dr. Roses to write a special comment related to the theme of the World Health Day 2008 celebration: “Protecting Health from Climate Change”.
Global health put at risk by climate change. "The effect of climate change over health is neither a minor issue nor a theoretical possibility: it is already happening, here and now, and it is related to major public health problems.

You are also invited to comment at her BLog: Comment from Google News by Mirta Roses, Director, Pan American Health Organization

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Climate Change a Challenge to Human Species

"One of the most well-known, a result of changes in the usual patterns of temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc., occurs in the distribution of diseases, as well as vectors, which generally are insects.

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OUR Planet, OUR Health, OUR Future - They are in OUR Hands.

 Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ. April 7, 2008.-

"...We need a comprehensive Framework for Action to properly address climate change and its impact on health: addressing Evidence, implementing Adaptation mechanisms in the health sector, and providing Leadership..."

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