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Geographical Information

Aquí tendrá acceso a información geográfica sobre la Representación de la OPS/OMS en Panamá.

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Introduction of pneumococcus vaccine

Information on date when the pneumococcus vaccine was introduced in the different countries of the Americas

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Collaborating Centers in Brasil

 Lsiting of Collaborating Centers in Brasil

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Prevention and Control of Priority Communicable Diseases (PCPCD) Program

Projects related to Prevention and Control of Priority Communicable Diseases (PCPCD) Program

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SDE Collaborating Centers

Listing of Collaborating Centers in Sustainable Development and Environmental Health.


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Oral Health Information Map

Map with specific publications, reports or documents related to current and past events, projects and programs; oral health data and statistics, in addition to Dental Chief Officers’ contact information of the Americas Region. You can get information on the map icons to get the URL of the page.

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