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CHA.HIV. Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation

Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Strategic information on the epidemic and response is essential to guide program planning and implementation, sustain commitment and ensure accountability. PAHO provides support to countries and contributes to development of standards, guidelines and tools to improve HIV surveillance.

PAHO assists countries with monitoring and evaluating the health sector response to HIV, setting national targets for key interventions, and monitoring progress against relevant indicators. As the regional office for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Americas, PAHO also helps with development of an annual global report on progress towards universal access to HIV prevention, care and treatment.

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PAHO HIV Biennial Report 2008 - 2009 (2009)

HIV Triangulation Resource Guide (2009)

Challenges Posed by the HIV Epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean 2009 (2009)

Evaluation for Strengthening of the Health System Response to HIV in Paraguay (2009) (Spanish)

Evaluation for Strengthening of the Health System Response to HIV in Guatemala (2009)

Estimation of Population Sizes for Population with High Risk Behaviors for HIV (2009) (Spanish)

Guidelines for Planning Serosurveillance of HIV, Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and the Behavioural Components of Second Generation Surveillance of HIV (2009)

WHO Case Definitions of HIV for Surveillance and Revised Clinical Staging and Immunological Classification of HIV-Related Disease in Adults and Children (2009)

Workshop Report: Advances and Challenges in the Production of Strategic Information about HIV in Latin America (2009)

Evaluation of the National Health System Response to HIV in the Dominican Republic (2008)

Behavioral Surveillance Survey in High Risk Drug Users (2008) (Spanish)

Análisis de situación de los sistemas de monitoreo y evaluación de la respuesta al VIH en los paises andinos y Chile (2008) (Spanish)

Access to comprehensive care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Bolivia (2007) (Spanish)

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HIV Regional Data

Latin America and the Caribbean Universal Access 2009 Slide set

LAC MARP and other vulnerable populations' database

LAC reported AIDS cases

Interactive dashboard of AIDS Rates in the Caribbean

LAC reported HIV cases

Interactive map: Towards universal access (UNAIDS)

Country Epidemiological fact sheets

Single-page country profiles based on the epidemiological fact sheets

Core HIV estimates and links to the Epidemiological fact sheet for users of Google Earth™

Press Releases

PAHO, UNICEF AND UNAIDS highlight challenges in responding to HIV epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish only) (November 23, 2009)

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